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25 small profitable businesses without investment

if you have arrived here it is because you are looking for good profitable business ideas without investment you are in the right place i propose a list of 25 concepts that you could start tomorrow as you can imagine since it costs little to start this type of activity you will have to count on your talents to enjoy a competitive advantage over the many other people who already carry out these activities or could start them in the future youll need knowledge business skills technical skills artistry sacrifice stamina well lets be reasonable you wont need all of those things at once but you will need a lot of them remember that we are not talking about easy businesses but about activities that you can start without investing almost nothing some ideas are new others we already mentioned in your time on the blog but we thought it was worth making a compilation do not forget that no matter how cheap it is to set up your small business you will always need a minimum of tools i have prepared a list with the ones i use daily in case they serve you too do you prefer the video format you can see here the entry i made on youtube with those profitable businesses without investment 1- buy wholesale and sell retail modern tools at your disposal such as electronic marketplaces allow you to buy almost anything at the best price you can for example visit a website like solostockscom which usually has a lot of items at a good price and see if you could dedicate yourself to selling products at retail depending on the type of items you buy and the number of units the initial investment can be very reasonable you can also opt for other platforms such as etsycom you also have the possibility to search for stocks of companies in liquidation to buy deeply discounted products and sell them by units you can start with little money and then reinvest your initial earnings to buy more 2- write a blog one of the best businesses without investment creating a blog is undoubtedly an interesting way to start an online business you will need to have specialized knowledge here recently we talked about the possibility of a blog about insurance and more time ago another about celebrities although in reality a domain of your own does not cost a lot of money for less than 100 a year you can have an excellent hosting you can also start without paying anything with a free blog 3- insurance brokerage are you an expert in the insurance sector why dont you set up your own brokerage as an intermediary you will not need much investment and at first you can set up your office in a room in your house you will have a lot of competition from other brokerages and you will have to comply with a series of legal requirements but if you have a good network of contacts you can achieve it 4- be a consultant in your area of expertise more than one experienced professional seasoned in many battles in the business world realize that many people could benefit from their knowledge some take the step of leaving their salaried job and setting up a specialized consultancy ask yourself if you are an expert in something that you could monetize maybe you can succeed as an independent consultant 5- repair of toys do you know how to fix almost everything do you have knowledge in electronics why dont you try to return the smile to those children who have damaged their favorite toys in some places they call these businesses with the poetic name of toy hospital today as many families do not have too many expenses it could be an interesting business and you only need technique talent and a few tools 6th- personal trainer if you know everything about physical education or are willing to train a very promising business is to work as a personal trainer some time ago it was a service dedicated almost exclusively to celebrities and wealthy people but it is being democratized and it is that doing sports efficiently and with the right frequency is not so easy having the services of a personal trainer for a few weeks is the best way to get serious and not give up

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