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34 ideas that can become great businesses… and that will inspire you

1- machine learning at the service of the elderly a company specialized in care services for the elderly and dependents cuidum has opted for machine learning since its inception making use of its own technology to achieve continuous improvement in each of its areas and achieve the efficiency of its processes cuidum puts caregivers in contact with families with a member in a situation of dependency it currently has a database of more than 220000 professional caregivers so cross-reference this data together with the variables of each elderly andor dependent person to care for pathology mobility character degree of dependency location tasks to be covered and specific care needs would be unfeasible this is where your processes rely on machine learning without ever neglecting the human factor httpswwwcuidumcom 2 biodegradable strips for washing clothes at natulim they have created small biodegradable strips of ecological detergent that just put them in the washing machine to do the laundry each wash strip has ultra-concentrated hypoallergenic cleaning power leaving clothes clean soft and smelling great it corresponds to the business idea launched by david weiss mora and llus montull casas two 29 and 31-year-old entrepreneurs who seek to change the way clothes are washed making them much more sustainable works in hot or cold water and in all types of washing machines httpsnatulimcom 3-create chatbots without writing code at landbot they offer a solution to corporate customer service based on the use of chatbot but without the need to know how to program in this way the landbot platform offers a b2b tool that simplifies b2c communications through bots and provides the user with a new experience and loyalty the company that chooses your service can easily create its own response flow on the platform with the chatbot builder or choose one of the templates httpslandbotio see morever ms 4-technology for the oceans at proteus they have specialized in the development of nautical technology betting on the development of local sustainable products with clean energy miguel ngel snchez daz ceo jorge pradas andreu cto and julio fernndez martnez cfo represent the hard core of this business idea his first project still pending release to the market corresponds to a device to allow ships autonomy in rescue actions the startup currently in the lanzadera ecosystem has patented a marine drone that speeds up beach rescues thanks to its speed the patented product is called nutic and it is a 1m-long unmanned boat capable of coming to the rescue of a victim to provide him with a flotation device and tow him to a safe area avoiding putting the life of the rescuer at risk 5- ecommerce of board games zacatrus is the leading board game ecommerce in spain it already offers more than 8000 references 2700 in stock the company is dedicated to the creation and sale of board games for all audiences taking care of the quality-price ratio at the end of 2012 the company acquired one of its main competitors lapcra additionally it is opening its own stores currently it has 6 physical stores that are distributed between madrid 2 barcelona seville valencia and vitoria they also collaborate with other publishers and various channels to promote gaming culture.

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