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“9 subtle ways technology is making humanity worse”

Stroke is the leading cause of global disability in adults and the leading cause of death among women worldwide. A chilling fact that, however, is unknown to the majority of the population, which has not even considered what to do if faced with a risky situation, where the first 4 hours are vital for survival.

Challenges like this are those faced by technology companies that develop social responsibility projects to make the world a better place to live, whether it is helping in emergency situations, dealing with medical incidents or trying to alleviate inequality.

In the last Forum IN of Digital ES -the space organized by the Association to share knowledge and present disruptive projects-, we met 9 technological projects in terms of solidarity and social responsibility. And it is that, as these projects demonstrate, 5G, geo-location, blue tooth, or artificial intelligence can do a lot to help society.

In the field of health, the activation Project is also moving, which uses 4,500 sensors and the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things to monitor the lives of 1,600 people over 60 in Galicia. The objective of this project promoted by Vodafone is to support and expand the independent life of the elderly in their environments.

Emergencies and connectivity

Celle puts 5G at the service of firefighting. This is the premise of his fire surveillance project, developed with the help of MWC Barcelona, ​​Step, and Mas-moil. Facilitates and optimizes fire management by capturing, processing, and transmitting data such as heat maps, geo-located images, and the location of equipment, which are transmitted to emergency teams in real time using drones and a band dedicated width.

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