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Advantages and disadvantages of physical activity

In 1946, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined the concept of health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not only as the absence of conditions or diseases”. That is to say, we have to work to find ourselves in complete well-being and not only not to suffer from any ailment . There is a big difference between being relatively healthy and feeling full of health. Something that we can only do if we work on our diet and do the necessary physical activity.

Although it is recommended to carry out physical activity, training, maintenance… etc. for all types of people , there is no exact way of knowing the physical activity that each person should carry out, since it depends on age, pathologies, psychophysical state, and, above all, , it has to be satisfactory and moderate so that little by little it becomes a daily routine.

not be confused with exercise. Physical activity is planned, structured, repetitive and always with a goal; strengthen bones, muscles and cardiovascular system; Strengthening social relationships, maintaining a good physical and mental shape (releasing serotonin and activating the brain), maintaining an adequate weight, eliminating visceral fat …

Physical activity is known as any intentional body movement that produces energy expenditure. In addition, it has been observed that physical inactivity continues to be a risk factor in terms of global mortality, so it is necessary to encourage and motivate from a young age, to avoid health risks.


Advantages of physical activity.

– As a main advantage , it helps improve agility, flexibility and energy, which prevents and treats degenerative or chronic diseases. It is also highly recommended as a weight loss supplement, as it burns fat faster; If this is the purpose, it must be accompanied by a correct and balanced diet.

Prevents arthritis as it keeps joints and cartilage flexible, increases muscle tone and strength, while oxygenating them, prevents bone deterioration and increases their density.

Promotes blood circulation , decreases coagulation in blood vessels, reduces blood pressure so that the heart, veins and arteries are protected.

Oxygen is maintained for a longer time in the lungs , since the respiratory muscles have greater resistance.

Keeps the brain healthy and releases hormones such as endorphins (produce a feeling of well-being), serotonin (improves mood and sleep) and adrenaline (regulates heart rate).

– Decreases cholesterol levels , anxiety and stress problems, and helps regulate menstruation.



Appearance of musculoskeletal injuries , if a previous warm-up and stretching are not done after physical activity.

Obsession with physical activity , which would cause physical and mental exhaustion.

Eating disorders and dehydration in the activity itself in people obsessed with weight loss, since it can lead to a loss of muscle mass.


In conclusion, just a few minutes of physical activity daily can help you improve your physical and mental health. Always doing it in a moderate way and knowing personal abilities, and above all, having a good diet.

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