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How to Use Electronic Media?

Electronic Media is not enough to teach us how to use it. There are not many books written in this field, but we will try to teach you as much as possible.

Evangelism: Young people’s values ​​and admiration, the biggest driver of our lives, can be used for ministry. Websites and social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.), and chat can be used to spread the word of God, teach people, and provide counseling. It can also be a quick and easy way to communicate church news and ministry.

Many of the things we don’t dare to say in person can be expressed through phone, sms, and the internet.

Culture: Koreans are running the world with their serials and music (k-pop). Even we have copied their dress and behavior. Western countries are also eating “kimchi” and “Kimba”, which are becoming popular foods in the world. PSY’s Gagman Style, released on July 15, has set a world record for the most video likes on YouTube.

Mezzo youths should leave our culture behind and not just copy others’ ways.

Development and Skills: As mentioned earlier, electronic media has many advantages in development and education. There is much to learn from the fact that we have seen and heard all the changes in the world. The Internet is a source of wisdom and knowledge. If we use it without wasting time and money on things that are not important, it is a good thing at a low price. The Internet is a source of knowledge and information we will be able to have real. There are many good channels on TV that can help us with knowledge and education.

Communication: Electronic media, especially Facebook and What Sapp are the most powerful tools for spreading news and information in the lives of young people aged 15-5 there is e. Before cable TV and newspapers broadcast news, we used to hear about it through Facebook and WhatsApp. mezzo youths are not aware of Internet netiquette, Cyber ​​Acts. and crime or IT Acts. When you think no one knows you, many of your actions can be traced through electronic media. Fake accounts and numbers are logged with the time and place of your use and contacts. Electronic Media is not a dangerous thing, it is our responsibility to use it properly.

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