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Islamabad united squad team

mahmood said that he needs islamabad joined to be the best handling side in psl 8 which will be key in making them

champions for the third time while conversing with the news the previous pakistan all-rounder said that he was

happy with the group blend and communicated certainty that his group can bring home the psl championship this

year im happy with the crew we have what we needed in the players draft last season players wounds stopped our

mission yet this year we have attempted to keep substitution and reinforcement of each and every player prepared on

our seat azhar said i dont think we are deficient in any division we have an ideal and adjusted crew on paper we are a

generally excellent side however cricket isnt played on paper so we should execute our arrangements totally on

match day he added azhar said that the brand of cricket that islamabad plays is the contrast among them and

different sides however this year all sides looked extremely adjusted areas of strength for and as per him handling

will be a significant component during the competition it is satisfactory to have a terrible day in batting or bowling

yet there ought not be any think twice about handling handling is about your disposition a decent handling side will

have an edge and i maintain that islamabad should be the best handling side in the competition a decent catch or a

decent run out can turn the match he said we have batting till number 10 the vast majority of our players are all-

rounders even wasim jr knows how to raise a ruckus around town so this gives us the certainty to forcefully play i

believe in the event that we use powerplay well we can continuously post a major all out ready he said as i said every

one of the groups are equivalent you cant term some group more grounded group more vulnerable all have great

players and match champs it is significant the way that you play on your given day azhar finished up

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