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Ritten secures the top game

Ritten secures the top game the next game day in the alps hockey league was on saturday in the top game of the round

the rittner buam were able to prevail against jesenice grden on the other hand lost to steel wings linzthe game didnt

start particularly well for the hosts from south tyrol because the slovenians took a 1-0 lead in the 3rd minute of the

game the buam didnt let that get them down and fought their way back into the game the south tyroleans played

along with the slovenians and were by no means the worse team on the ice in the 16th minute the klobenstein team

took advantage of one of their manpower games and thanks to philipp pechlaner equalized to make it 1-1 the match

remained very even after that and both teams could have taken the leadoth goalkeepers put on a great performance

and kept their team in the match with some strong saves after both teams were unable to score extra time had to

make a decision both teams had good chances in the 3v3 but the two goalkeepers outdid themselves here too and

prevented an early decision thus the penalties had to decide between victory and defeat the buam got off to a good

start and took a 1-0 lead through julian kostner the next two shooters then failed before jesenice was able to equalize

in the second round in the last attempt the rittner kept their nerves and converted the decisive penalty through janne

tavi hayden hawkey then defused the last attempt and secured the extra point for the host thanks to the victory the

south tyroleans move up to first place.

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