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Sitting volleyball is the Paralympic variant

G-volleyball can be played standing or sitting. Sitting volleyball is the Paralympic variant for players with a physical disability and smash volleyball is the Flemish variant for players with an intellectual disability.

Smash volley is a learning form of volleyball in which the smash is central. Lowering the net, allowing a collision and catching the ball ensure that there is a game and success experience quite quickly. The size of the field is variable as smash volley is usually played with 2 to 3 players per team.
Sitting volleyball is also played on a smaller field, but then 6-6. The main difference with indoor volleyball is the contact with the floor. In sitting volleyball, each player is required to maintain contact between the buttocks or torso and the floor when playing the ball.

Volley Vlaanderen is trying to find more clubs willing to develop a smash volley or sitting volley operation. Both variants are already offered in various clubs. G-sport Vlaanderen supports Volley Vlaanderen in its integration policy.

G-sport Vlaanderen organizes two tournaments per year for athletes with a psychological vulnerability, in which both volleyball (6-6) and netball (5-5) are offered. During these tournaments we use the rules that are also used in regular volleyball (with the exception of the 3m line).

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