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“The positive effects of technology on children”

 Impact of Electronic Media:

Electronic Media has a huge impact on us in both positive and negative ways will be received.
Positive Impact:

Electronic Media has many benefits and importance in personal and social life. We will try to discuss its general usefulness.
Development: E-Media is bringing us many developments and improvements. Cable TV and easier communication, especially since the 1990s, have brought us great progress. The customs and traditions of developed countries and nations are being seen and heard, which is greatly influencing our lives in the direction of development and progress. We have seen a positive change in the way we build and manage our environment, in our dress and health care, in the way we manage our land, and in the way we govern ourselves. Mizoram Information Technology is the strongest and most advanced technology in Mizoram.”
Information/News: E-Media has made a huge difference in the sharing of important information and news. In 1966, AIR Azul Station AIR Guwahati’s mezzo program was very popular before it was established. Rangoon Station was also a valuable source of information for the mezzos. Radio and cable TV operators are the main sources of income for the public. Local News as well as BBC, CNN, NDTV, etc. are the latest news sources. Britney Spears’ health and well-being, as well as the US election, have been watched from a distance. Gagman Style is the most popular style in the world.
Education: E-Media has helped us a lot in education. In 1981, Mizoram’s literacy rate was 22.39%, but in 1991, Mizoram’s literacy rate was 82.27% 88.8% of the population was infected. [19] Electronic Media is the most important thing in the world. In today’s world, in addition to textbooks, we can read good writings on the Internet, find good schools and universities, and apply for entrance through online applications. These are valuable blessings for the youth. From the smallest to the largest of our possessions, there is a wide range of information available on the Internet we have already had a lot.
 Marketing: E-media has also made a huge difference in the business world. E-commerce, online business, etc. they are no longer guests. Not only buyers but also traders using the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. Online Shopping is a very popular thing in the local market.

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