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What business to start from home: Ideas that will help you achieve it

Today starting your own business from home is much easier to achieve thanks to new technologies. There are more and more entrepreneurs who are encouraged to create their own company, and it is that doing so is easier than we think, and it is already within everyone’s reach. But, how to start undertaking from home ? We give you some ideas that will help you create your own company, and even have fun with it.

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Keep reading, we’ll tell you!


Before starting a business from home

Working from home on a startup project comes with enormous responsibility. Perhaps it is not a job under the rules to which we are accustomed. But we must ask ourselves several questions: is it feasible for your company and your home to be located in the same space? What expenses will it entail to adapt your family environment to the work environment? Do I have the ability to do any type of work from home? Do I know someone I can help?

You must answer all these questions and know if the  viability of your project is possible  before taking the plunge and investing.

What other aspects do you have to take into account to create businesses from home?

  • Write the  Business Plan  that will help you define the essential aspects of your business (financing plan, marketing, sales…)
  • Register your own brand and create an identity .
  • Make sure you know all the laws to be able to establish the foundations of your business.

Good practices to carry out

  1. Keep your finances separate , on the one hand those of your company and on the other hand your personal ones.
  2. Assign yourself some work schedules and respect the routine. Part of the success of a business lies in being constant with the daily work.
  3. Create marketing campaigns from the beginning. You can even start running campaigns before you open your business to generate interest and attract the attention of future customers.
  4. Create your work team. Beginnings are hard and everyone knows it. Make sure you can count on a team to advise you in your company.

Benefits when starting at home

Of course one of the maxims that lead to undertake is passion. Being able to dedicate yourself to what you like and make it your job is an aspiration for many. This entails a series of benefits such as working for yourself and leaving the boss figure behind .

Another benefit is the reconciliation of family life with work in a more flexible way. Being able to work from home, set your hours and distribute the time as you want throughout the year are very attractive points. It is true that the responsibility you acquire is much greater, so the effort invested will be greater and longer term.

In many cases, companies end up growing and becoming large leading companies in their sector. In particular, the tax advantages are usually much higher, since all those taxes that are usually paid by company and by workers are reduced.

Ideas for starting a business from home

Idea nº 1.- Arts&Craft (Arts and Crafts)

This phenomenon is one of the great global trends. You will think, why? Well, basically because it consists of turning your hobby, what you like, into your profession . If you think about it, no one will sell a product better than someone who is passionate about it. In addition, currently selling the products of your businesses from home is very easy because you have great platforms like eBay or Amazon that can help you. Also, create a blog and an ecommerce with tools like WordPress. There are also many opportunities with alternative services where they create the corporate image of your company.

There are several possibilities of selling from home. For example, if you like sports you can offer yourself as a personal trainer. On the other hand, if you know languages, you can take classes via Skype or videoconference. In the event that you like to design, your business could be selling clothes online. Or, if your passion is art, sell your paintings or projects. If you stop to think, you will find thousands of ideas to start from home.

Idea nº 2.- Dropshipping

If you are undecided and do not know what to sell, a good option is Dropshipping . This trend consists of a retail sale where the retailer is in charge of selling the product but without owning it. As a kind of intermediary. The retailer reaches an agreement with the wholesaler so that the latter sends the product to the end customer.

In this way, the retailer saves having the products in stock and the need to have a place to leave them. Dropshipping is simple, you just need to create a web page or virtual store where you can offer the products and be in charge of alerting the wholesaler when a customer makes a purchase.

Idea nº 3.- Buying and selling

Another possibility to start a business from home would be buying and selling. Again, base it on what you know because it will allow you to know when and where to buy cheap and how to attract the public that is willing to pay more for it. Basically it is about doing the same as any buying and selling business but from home. You can buy cheap using tools like Wallapop , second hand. Then you can sell them on these or other platforms like eBay. It is only important to have a good eye and know very well the niche to which you are going to dedicate yourself.

Idea nº 4.- Housework

There are people who do not have time to cook, clean or go shopping. Therefore, a good business could be to offer them this type of service. A good idea would be to create a website where people who do not have a job or can only work a few hours can offer their services and, at the same time, others who lack time can have extra help.

For example, there is a website, Deliberry , that is dedicated to doing the shopping for you. Another option could be a page where people who know how to cook can offer to do catering or prepare tuppers and take them home. Thus, many people who due to lack of time cannot prepare food would have an option to eat well and varied for a reasonable price.

Idea nº 5.- Import of products

Be aware of trends , identify a market trend in another country and anticipate it before it reaches yours. Or just find novelty items you might like and sell them. Both options can be a good idea to start a profitable and simple business from home.

To begin with, you would have to find the market niche and try to specialize, at least at first, in a sector, product or country. Create an online store, always be up to date with trends to find the right product, buy and sell it. You could also think about exporting products abroad, especially those that are exclusive and cannot be bought anywhere else.

To find what you want to buy you can also dig into the great Chinese online market that is Alibaba .

Above all, it tries to look for products that may have an outlet and news from other countries that have not arrived here.

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